R&D Services, Inc.

R&D Services, Inc. was founded to provide accurate and efficient testing for the insulation industry. Since 1994, R&D Services has grown alongside the building materials industry to include many additional services for our clients, including testing, consulting, engineering calculations, product development, code compliance, inspections, legal testimony, and much more.

Our testing and consulting expertise is recognized around the world, and our services have been performed for clients in five continents. We work with accreditation and code enforcement bodies all over the world to provide our clients with the testing they need.

At R&D Services, we currently have over 70 accredited tests, including ASTM and CAN/ULC material specifications and test methods. We also offer several more non-accredited tests, and have capabilities to set up unique testing applications based on client requests.

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We frequently perform inspection services for our clients that range from quarterly quality control product selections to annual inspections required by accreditation bodies. We work with clients to provide in-plant qualification and follow-on inspection services that meet their needs.

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R&D Services, Inc. provides consulting related to product development, performance, applications, and improvement with emphasis on heat transfer, thermal insulations, and related building materials.

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We strive to continually serve our clients, improve their products, and further their success.

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