What can we do for you?

R&D Services, Inc. has been providing testing and consulting services to clients around the world for over 18 years. We have relied on years of professional experience to deliver the highest quality information to our clients. We have two professional engineers on staff, and many decades of combined experience in building materials analysis. R&D Services works with our clients to provide more than just test reports and numbers. Our goal is to provide a tailored experience to each client by developing a professional relationship that allows our clients to get the individual information they require. Our commitment to quality and service exceeds all other test laboratories. Some examples of our capabilities are shown below. More information on specific services we offer can be found by navigating the services section.

R&D Services, Inc. is proud to partner with justSmartSolutions to collaborate on WUFI design and simulation of complex building models. R&D Services, Inc. measures material physical properties according to the appropriate ASTM test standards. justSmartSolutions uses our test data to generate custom material properties within WUFI. Together we offer a unique service for water transport modeling.

Other Services

  • Product Development
  • Product Classification and Labeling
  • Product Follow-On and Quality Assurance
  • Thermal Resistance Tests (R-Value)
  • Physical Property Measurements
  • Heat Transfer Analysis
  • Code Compliance Consulting
  • Long-Term Aging of Closed-cell Foam Insulation
  • Expert Testimony
  • WUFI Simulations