R&D Services offers testing and consulting in satisfying building code requirements. We help our clients obtain evaluation service reports (ESR) and provide mandatory follow-on quality control services for these clients when necessary. We have a long-standing relationship with the International Code Counsel – Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) and have recently partnered with ICC-ES to provide a direct path to customers looking to obtain energy star and evaluation report certifications. R&D Services will provide testing and inspection services and will work with manufacturers to assemble the data necessary for certification. We will also review with applicants the requirements for initial certification and continuing certification. Some of the benefits of working with R&D Services are:

  • Before any testing takes place, ICC-ES and R&D Services will discuss the project scope and the specific testing requirements.
  • There is a single point of contact, resulting in faster turnaround time for reports.
  • The product is tested and evaluated by experts in their fields.